3rd Annual Copperhead Run Rally 2010 -  69 Ways To A Good Time! June 3rd-6th
   Girls, Girls ,Girls. Let's get ready for some Girl FUN!
                                 Girls Olympics!

Girls get you a female partner and sign up for the FUN      Olympic Games - Games Listed Below!

 1. Ball and Weenie drop-No hands used and drops in cup, after all balls are in cup-Partner that held cup drinks from a baby Bottle-Beer-Raise hand when Finish Ref will determine First Place.

 2.Knocking Cherries-One Partner eats Cherries From a Plate filled with Whip Cream-All Cherries must be ATE- Return to partner and tag while they drink "Beer" from a Baby Bottle.

 3.Suck a Noodle-One partner drinks from the Noodle while the other pours beer through the noodle, when complete, partner  pouring drinks  from the baby bottle.

 4. One partner puts banana between breast while other partner peels banana with teeth. partner holding banana
drinks the beer from the bottle.

 5.woble wobble-partner has tissue box  tape on butt and has to drop ping pong balls into five gallon bucket , run back, tag other partner, they then run back to table and drink from the bottle.

 6.Three Legged Race-Partners two inner legs are tied      together, have to run down to table and both have to drink Beer from the Bottle

 7.Wheel Barrel race-One partner down while other holds legs race down to you guessed it the table to where both partners drink Beer from the Bottle.

 8.Plunge a Hole-One Partner puts plunger between legs and other partner has toilet paper roll between their legs plunger has to insert into toilet paper hole without using hands.

                                  Rules and Regulations

 There will be Refs and all Girls must apply by the rules
 1.DO NOT REMOVE LID FROM BOTTLE- Disqualification
 2.All Beer has to be Drinked
 3.Refs decide on the winning team -The  most games  Won will be  the "2014 Copperhead Olympics Champions".

Sign up on Team Form
Copperhead Olympics 2014
Team name
First and last name
first and last name
Games held on Friday June 6th 2014
 Games startup up at 3:00 pm

You can wear team colors come up with a Fun Team Name.