3rd Annual Copperhead Run Rally 2010 -  69 Ways To A Good Time! June 3rd-6th
 Want to have a Themed Community Camp and express your group’s personality? Become a Camp Leader! Get your fellow buds together and we can reserve your groups spot to connect with your neighbors in your environment reflective of yourselves to truly experience Harvest Fest at its finest. Minimum amount of 10 campsites must be reserved and pre-paid in order to create a themed camp; prizes will be awarded for most creative! 

Community Campers will have a premium camp site close to the festival area. 

All sites must be pre-paid and a minimum of ten sites will be considered a Themed Community Camp. Judging will be by popular vote. Voting will be $1 and all proceeds will go to a Charity chosen and announced at Harvest Fest.

We have partnered with Homma Tent Co to outfit our Harvest Fest Campers in style and luxury! 
Visit the link below for booking-don't forget to buy your festival passes too
Homma Tent Co-Harvest Fest Outfitters